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Stepper, kollmorgen, Motor, Servo, compumotor, plc, AC Drive, Allen Bradley, controller, surplus, GE Fanuc, industrial automation, eastern Pennsylvania, motion control, electronics repair, calibration, Reading, PA, Mass Industrial

Control Techniques Takes Position on Energy Efficiency
British-based Control Techniques, a leading suppliers of drives, servos, controls, drive systems and motors, is taking a pro-active stance to promote energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The willingness and ability of industry to reduce energy use will not only reduce environmental warming from greenhouse gas, but will result in big savings to companies.
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Alpha Gear Drives Steps Ahead with Pioneering Method
Illinois-based Alpha Gear Drives has developed a method to integrate torque and force sensors directly into the housings of its various motion control solutions, including precision gear reducers to TPM integrated gear and motor products.
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Engineers Working Harder for Their Paychecks
The latest Design News salary survey indicates that salaries for engineers held steady over the past year, but engineers worked harder to earn them. About 50 percent of those surveyed said they are looking at increased responsibilities, including supervisory and budgetary function. The average salary of engineers surveyed is $73,000. The average work week is 46 hours.
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Rockwell Automation, Inc. to sell Reliance Electric
Rockwell Automation, Inc. announced in June that it will sell Reliance Electric, its motors and motor repair service businesses. Reliance Electric, a leading producer of industrial motors, is based in Greenville, SC.
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Agile Systems Offers a Different Kind of Website
Agile Systems, a Canadian-based designer and manufacturer of digital motion control and distributed servo drives, has a new website that offers, in addition to product news and information, easy-to-understand problem solutions and unique tips and ideas. You can access the website at www.agile-systems.com.
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Price Most Important Among Servo Motor Survey Respondents
More than half of respondents to a survey about trends in the servo motor product sector sited pricing as the most important functional feature. The survey, conducted by Control Engineering magazine and Reed Corporate Research queried readers about their opinions and preferences regarding servo motors.
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Integrated Step Motors Welcomed by Many
JVL Industri Elektronik has released Quick Step, a new series of integrated step motors that offer a variety of functions and combinations. The new, integrated step motor has been extremely well received.
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Baldor Ahead of Compliance on RoHS Directive
Baldor Electric Company has exceeded expectations for a directive issued by RoHS regarding restricted use of certain hazardous substances and the recycling of wasted electrical and electronic equipment. As of June 1, Baldor will be in compliance with the directive, a month ahead of the required date.
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New Products Released at Drives and Controls Exhibition
Motion Control Products released three new products during the Drives and Controls Exhibition, held May 16-19 in Birmingham, England. The UK-based company unveiled an IntB range integrated brushless servomotor with integrated digital driver and motion controller with a power rating up to 500W. It also released a Mdrive-Plus integrated stepper motor with drive electronics, and a new range of low-cost stepper drives.
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Motion Control Products Offers Low-Cost Stepper Motor
Motion Control Products has released a low-cost, 35 mm-diameter linear non-captive stepper motor. The 12V, two-phase bipolar device weighs in at just 86g, and is ideal for applying to medical equipment, small machinery, instrumentation, valve control and other applications where precise linear motion is required.
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New Texas Instruments Plant Hailed as Model of Innovation
Texas Instruments is being lauded for its new innovative and extremely energy efficient manufacturing plant, as reported in Mechanical Engineering magazine, a publication of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Located in Richardson, Texas, the plant is expected to be fully operational by summer. The 220,000 square-foot building integrates the finest practices in cost controls, engineering innovation, corporate community relations and environmental sustainability.
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Baldor Announces Breakthrough Technology in Bending Operations
Ethernet Powerlink-compatible motion control technology from Baldor is spurring a breakthrough in the performance of Unison's tube benders - allowing multi-stage bending operations to take place in parallel. On the first version of the machine - configured for an automotive manufacturer - tubing components progress automatically through four separate stages. Each bend head is powered by a servo motor axis. In addition to productivity gains, Unison has reduced the size of the control cabinet dramatically. This benefit is a combined result of simpler wiring, and the ability of a single machine controller - Baldor's NextMove e100 - to manage and synchronize a large number of motion axes (15 in total) and I/O via the high-bandwidth network.
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Mitsubishi Electric America Gives More than $500,000 in Grants
With a commitment to full inclusion of young, disabled Americans, the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation will give $508,000 in new and renewal grants during 2006. Six national projects serving young people with disabilities will receive the grants.
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New Stepper Motor Delivers 50 Percent More Torque
A superior motor design has resulted in a new 0.9-degree two-phase stepper motor that offers 50 percent more torque with double the resolution of similar 1.8-degree motors, according to EAO, the United Kingdom representative for Sanyo Denki, which produced the motor. The added torque results in 20 percent less electrical loss and a big reduction in noise and vibration.
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